Shoe Reminder: Who Am I?

As I start to write this new entry, I realize that I’m procrastinating. I do have a small work project that needs to be finished in a few hours but I’m feeling inspired to share some thoughts that popped into my mind.

My blog came to life because I was taking a break from work, for the first time in many years, and allowing myself to have the freedom and stillness to tap into more of who I am today. I discovered that I’m a woman who is extremely creative with a twist of humor (I forgot along the way). I also forgot how much I love technology (gadgets, widgets, apps, etc). When I’m in my true element, I’m the happiest. I knew that I would eventually start working again so how could I turn what I love into something profitable?

My vision wasn’t clear up until a month ago. When it happened, it was an instant gut feeling. I knew what I wanted and needed to do for myself. I listened to my instincts. It’s as if I was on autopilot and someone else was driving me. Now I’m at the birth of a new business that makes me smile from the inside out.

Everything that I’ve done in my life thus far, are all pieces to building who I am and what I’m doing today. It’s amazing that nothing has gone to waste even though at times I felt that I had failed at a few things. It’s like our first shoe and our first steps when we’re babies. The shoes are soft, flat and comfortable because it helps us ease into our first steps, making our first strut down the hallway feasible.

As we grow up, our shoes, I believe, tend to reflect our personality because of the style – conservative, flashy, sporty, elegant, etc. You get the picture? I believe a woman’s shoe can tell the story of who she is or what she’s about. Did I forget to defer to my shoes as a reminder that I’m an expressive and creative individual? I guess so. I was on a hibernation holiday for about five months explaining why I needn’t wear a fine pair of heels. All I’ve been wearing are my black patent leather ballet flats, Havaianas flip flops or slippers (around the house, not in public…please!).

Finding my spirit and passion again while taking this deserved time off has inspired and awakened me. So much so, that I broke out my crystal and gemstone Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (I have several different styles). As I slipped my sandals on to run a few errands the other day, I looked down at my jeweled feet and thought, “Wow, I forgot who I was for awhile…this is me…I love who I am!”  Definitely an “Ah ha” moment that I’m embracing and remembering to wear everyday with a pair of my shoes.

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4 Responses to Shoe Reminder: Who Am I?

  1. Very inspiring! I read it 2X’s.

  2. You inspire me my friend!!!
    with so much love to you.

  3. Hi Maria,
    What a great read….profound and something I hadn’t thought of before. We are what we wear!Can we have multiple personalities regarding our shoes? I like to be comfortable, elegant and then again sexy and tarty. No wonder I have so many shoes…….

  4. Thanks for referring me to this post, Maria. These are lovely thoughts!

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