For the Love of Shoes & Men

I heart shoes…buying shoes, wearing shoes, looking at shoes in magazines and store windows, trying on shoes, and even holding a shoe in my hand. Did I mention that I love shoes? But can shoes take place of a man? Can a pair of shoes love me back? Cuddle with me in bed? Make love to me? Laugh with me? Tell me how beautiful I am? I guess not.

Shoes can make me happy for a few hours in my day. In the case of shoes vs. men, shoes don’t argue, never seem disappointed in me, hog the television, snore during sleep, leave crumbs all over the house and need to be reminded of everything constantly.

On the flipside, shoes can be unpredictable like men. Sometimes they seem to fit perfectly in the store upon purchase but when you wear them out for the night, they end up hurting you. Perhaps you had your “shoe goggles” on when you first spotted them, later realizing they weren’t authentic (i.e., made from real snakeskin, etc.).  After closer examination you found they were imitations, imposters – they lied to you just to get on your feet.

Now in the case of men vs. shoes, men offer quite a bit, contrary to belief. They offer friendship, love, intimacy, kisses when you’re feeling down, warm snuggles in bed, laughter, sadness, sharing experiences together and reminding one another of why we get up each morning and do it all over again. It’s a bond, connectivity, a relationship that shoes cannot provide unfortunately.

I’m not one for being a romantic and making a big deal about Valentine’s Day but this Valentine’s I’m feeling vulnerable, amorous and fond for my husband. This is not my normal state of being but since my husband has been away for work for almost two months straight, I’m definitely missing him and feeling his absence. I’ve looked to my shoe closet to lift my spirits but nothing. Nothing? Even taking a pair of Louboutins out and seeing the red soles didn’t perk me up. Wow, I am truly in love.

After being married for a couple of years, I’ve internally debated the question, “Why did I get married?” I didn’t need the security and having a family was a toss up. I’m a modern woman with a few old-fashioned values and traditions, hence marriage. The number one reason…I do love my husband. Getting married for me was the grand gesture on our devotion to sharing a life together. My husband was opposed to marriage at first. He had “George Cloonism” the perpetual bachelor, a playboy at age 40.

He knew where I stood about marriage and tried to convince me to live together first but I’ve been down that road. Being in my mid-30’s I didn’t need to pull a geographic to ensure I wanted to marry my boyfriend. After 1½ years of dating and 2 months of turmoil, I finally presented my then-boyfriend-now-husband with this, “Baby, I love you very much and want to share a life with you. I want to move forward and get married. If you aren’t ready for this step I understand. I want you to take a week to think about this and let me know where you stand. If you decide marriage isn’t for you, then I’ll need to know and start opening my door to other opportunities.”

One week went by and we commenced. He said, “Well, I don’t want to lose you. Are you sure we can’t live together first?” I said, “Sorry…no.” Then he said, “Okay, let’s do it but what do I do exactly? I’ve never done this before.” I told him to ask me to marry him sometime within the month, it doesn’t have to be a big production and don’t worry about the ring (I wanted to pick it out eventually). A few weeks went by and in the middle of his kitchen he proposed, “Will you do me the honor of being my wife?” It was perfect. He was sweet, genuine, nervous and silly. Just the way I hoped him to be. This feeling and memory I will cherish as long as I live and sadly, no pair of shoes can do the same. Happy Valentine’s Day baby, I miss you and I love you.


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6 Responses to For the Love of Shoes & Men

  1. That is so romantic! Something we need to remind ourselves every now and then, nothing replaces the warmth of a relationship.

  2. This was such a sweet story!

  3. Wow, you knew what you needed, and didn’t settle for less. Kudos!

  4. ahhh, sigh, thanks for sharing this story! :-)

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